Workshops & Online Offerings

Workshops and Online Offerings cover a variety of topics that create community, share information, and bring people together to share the spiritual journey of learning, healing, and growth.


A variety of workshops are offered throughout the United States and internationally. These can range from intimate small group gatherings to large community events. Please see below for a listing of sample workshop topics. Requests for custom workshops and presentations are always welcome.

Online Offerings

Online offerings are a way to join a community learning environment from wherever you may be. There are two main focuses of these ongoing virtual experiences:

  • One-time and multiple-series virtual workshops that include the topics listed below.
  • Rituals and other ceremonies conducted in Guatemala by the Mayan shamans and communicated back to you via blog, photos, and videos.

All Offerings are designed to provide information, insight, and a virtual community in which you are invited to actively participate and share your wisdom. With busy daily lives, connecting in this way is a powerfully nurturing way to join in community and share our spiritual journeys together.

"LeeAnn is a true spiritual guide. She has the expertise to cipher through the mud of one's muck and help others find their path again. Lee is uncannily intuitive and sees what many don't in guiding souls to safe footing. She is safe, genuine, and has a sense of humor amongst the valleys of life and to walk through those scary places we must go to truly grow. Whether you travel, join a workshop, or do individual work with her, you are sure to find new insight and clarity."

Ruben Jimenez, LCSW

Author, The Road Home: A Guide for Parents with Teens or Young Adults Returning Home from Treatment


The Talking Stick

The tradition of using the Talking Stick when meeting in a group is an ancient indigenous practice. Its purpose is to remind and teach us about what it is to:

  • Join in a community that functions as a council of elders and wise ones.
  • Listen and hear from the heart, not just from the head and the outer results we want.

Rites of Passage

Rites of Passage are something that is largely lost to our Modern World. Rites of Passage are thresholds that we innately encounter which mark the significant changes of our selves and our growth throughout life. They are acts of honor and ritual times of transformation that are deeply important in the care and development of our life purpose.

Mid-life Rites of Passage

In the modern world we often refer to the transition of mid-life as “mid-life crisis.” In other traditions throughout the world, mid-life is a sacred time of transition in which the first eras of life are to be celebrated, honored, and completed. It is a time to reflect and give gratitude for what we have created and to heal wounds we may have incurred. Mid-life is a time to seek insight and guidance on the road upon which we are ready to embark.

Youth Rites of Passage

A great many youth in Western culture struggle with identity, place, and purpose. The younger generations of our world feel a deep calling and desire to return to a more spiritual, creative, and sustainable way of life. However, they live in a largely material world that lacks the sacred community and traditions to guide them through this process.

Women’s Ways

Creating community as women is vital to living full, rich and nurtured lives. While women often gather for the purposes of business, philanthropy, motherhood, professional development, and social functions, these do not provide the depth of what emerges when women gather in a sacred circle.

Dream Interpretation

Dreams are a wellspring of wisdom. Delving into our dreams gifts us insight into the wonderful mythic realms of our existence and our spiritual paths. Dreams and visisons allow us to gain insight into the mysteries, symbolic wisdom, and divine stories of our lives.

Sensitivity: Trusting the Gifts Within

Being born into a world where sensitivity is often not recognized by modern culture leaves many of us disconnected from their inner sensitive nature. This can create a deep and unrecognized sense of being disconnected, unaware, and unknowingly traumatized.

The Path to Freedom through Faith

This workshop explores the following questions:  

"What do you believe in?"

"What are your spiritual truths?"

"How do you live this in the every day realm?"

Ritual & Ceremony: Bringing the Ancient Traditions to the Everyday

Ritual and ceremony are two of the most ancient and sacred practices known to humanity. This workshop explores the Indigenous Tz’tujil Maya ways of ritual that can be integrated into the heart of modern day spiritual practice. These traditions are founded in nature and in a relationship with ancestral lineage that holds a universal spiritual energy which can be readily integrated to compliment other traditions, religions, and beliefs.

Disclaimer: All work and professional services offered by Journeys In Living and LeeAnn Heinbaugh are Spiritual and should not be misconstrued as any other professional service.

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