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Garden Press (Blog)In the Old Ways of the Tz’tujil Maya the garden is the sacred place we know life. The garden is the inner terrain, the soil of our souls. The garden is the physical world in which we live, plant, grow, tend, and harvest.

In the garden we encounter the beauty, struggles, wisdoms, growing and dying of life in all its wonderful and varied forms. It is in this same essence that The Garden Press blog has been created. It is here to serve as a place of community forum where ideas, insights, and questions are shared.

This community is made most alive by the planting, seeding, and tending of our wisdoms, experiences and stories together! Please contribute with your own comments.

Prayers for Water from the Council of Grandmothers

Mon, 02/24/2014 - 8:16am -- leeann

Ritual and prayer feed and sustain life. There are many around the world who are praying and gathering in community. One of those Groups is the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers. These wise elder women travel the world joining with others in the healing, care, and feeding of life. 

One of their upcoming calls for ritual and community is:  Read more » about Prayers for Water from the Council of Grandmothers

Resources & Readings: Change, Fear, & Growth

Fri, 02/21/2014 - 10:55am -- leeann

For many of us we desire change. Whether this call to change is a result of a life transition, health, or a deep yearning, fear of often one of the most challenging obstacles we encounter. Fear often lays latent, underground, or hidden by other emotions or names. These can include: anger, pain, anxiety, depression, lethargy, boredom, apathy, over indulgence in substances, deep restlessness, and so on. Healing and growth are what we desire during these times.   Read more » about Resources & Readings: Change, Fear, & Growth

Disclaimer: All work and professional services offered by Journeys In Living and LeeAnn Heinbaugh are Spiritual and should not be misconstrued as any other professional service.

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