Rituals & Ceremonies

Rituals of Care for Life 

Ritual and ceremony have been central to our existence for as long as humanity has walked the Earth. Yet it is something that we often forget as a vital way to nurture, care for, and feed life. Ceremonies are done for individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities. In the United States and other locations, LeeAnn will do ceremony with you personally or on your behalf if you are located elsewhere. The focus of your ritual may apply to any aspect of life, including:

  • Blessings: new home, business, job, land, and other commemoration.
  • Gratitude: thanks and blessings that honor the gifts of life. 
  • Rights of Passage: life transitions, graduation, birth, death, and mid-life.
  • Healing and Illness: physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness. 
  • Grief and Change: death, divorce, hardship, loss of loved one, or other significant life change.

Cost of a single Ceremony or Ritual begins at $175 plus a $20 materials fee. Additional travel or materials fees may apply. 

Ceremonies in Guatemala

LeeAnn regularly works with other Shamans in Guatemala to create your personal ritual. Having ceremony done on your behalf in the heart of the Indigenous Maya, where the traditions remain unbroken for more than 2000 years, is a powerful and sacred experience. The traditional format is to do a series of three rituals. The focus and intent of this is set by you and may include any life circumstance for which you want guidance, support, or insight. (Refer also to the list above.) 

In simple terms, the purpose of doing a series of three rituals is to create a process in which there is a beginning, middle and end. This process is one of personal and intimate change, creation, and transformation. The first ritual is done to make your petition. The second ritual is done to check in and continue to care for your prayers and the energy on which it is focused. The third is done to give gratitude for what has been received and to complete the process.

Cost for a series of three rituals begins at $300. This fee covers the cost for shamans, musicians, candles, incense, tithing, phone calls, written feedback, and photos sent to you by email. If you then wish to explore your ceremonies further, an individual consultation can be scheduled. 

“LeeAnn's facilitation of pilgrimage and sacred ceremony in Guatemala (and in assemblies afterwards in the US) has literally brought the healing, connective presence of the earth up through my feet and into my heart. With the vast and particular wisdom of her Mayan teachers and with her integrated knowledge and intuitive spirit, LeeAnn has helped my whole family find new ways to pray, and to pray often, with the confidence that the Divine is supporting us in ways we can barely imagine.”

Ashley Seaman, Pastor
Denver, Colorado


Disclaimer: All work and professional services offered by Journeys In Living and LeeAnn Heinbaugh are Spiritual and should not be misconstrued as any other professional service.

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