Guatemala Retreats & Tours

Group Retreats

Journeys in Living Retreats and Tours are for those who want to truly adventure into and experience the living Maya culture. 

Santiago Atitlan holds a lineage of unbroken indigenous tradition that is rare in the modern world. The openness to invite and allow outsiders to enter into these sacred Mayan Ways is quite special and is rooted deeply in an ancient story that was first told before the arrival of the Spanish Conquistadores. This story, originally told by the wise Nawals who were the Mayan leaders of this time, has been carried orally through to the present day. Learn more...

Custom Retreats

Custom Retreats for individuals, groups, and families are welcome. These are created based on the experiences you wish to have, what you want to explore, and the amount of time you would like to spend on Retreat. The experiences can range from intensive spiritual retreats to more introductory cultural and artistic adventures.

A one-week minimum is strongly recommended if you wish to delve into the spiritual, relax, and rejuvenate. Please refer to the list below as a beginning place of how you might create your own Retreat.  Learn more...

Private Day Trips & Tours

LeeAnn is available for private one-day or multiple-day guided tours exploring the Mayan traditions, ritual, art, music, stories, and the beauty of Santiago and other nearby towns. Day Tours are based out of Santiago Atitlan and begin at $100 US. All tours are custom designed based on the size of your group and the activities you would like to experience. Options include:

Walking tour of the town including the beautiful Historic Church and its wonderful altar that tells of the Traditional Maya and Catholic history, Peace Park, and the vibrant arts thorughout the town. 

Ritual with Maya Shaman in one of the Cofradias (Ceremonial Houses)

Personally meating weavers, artists, musicians, and storytellers to learn more about the rich and incredibly alive Old Ways that live here. 

For more ideas you may also click on the above "Learn More" link under Custom Retreats. We hope to see you soon!

Please contact us directly to create your own. or 4053-8006 in Guatemala. 

Disclaimer: All work and professional services offered by Journeys In Living and LeeAnn Heinbaugh are Spiritual and should not be misconstrued as any other professional service.

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