Frequently Asked Questions

Over the years there are certain questions that I am consistently asked. Therefore, I offer the following to both answer these questions and provide some additional information about the foundations of the spiritual work done through Journeys in Living.

How do you do consultations, readings, or ceremony when we are not face-to-face?

What is a Shaman?

Many people claim to be Shaman’s, mystics, and healers. How do you know what is real and what is not?

Why is money involved in the spiritual practice? Why isn’t it done for free?

Why do we pay for ceremony?

When a shaman comes back (following a one time or group ceremony) and recommends that I continue to do more ceremony, what does that mean? How do I know what is necessary?

When doing readings, consultations, or rituals why are certain things seen and other things are not? How does this work?

I have also been asked over the years, “Do you see or intuitively know things all the time?”

Why are some people or things easier to see than others?

Disclaimer: All work and professional services offered by Journeys In Living and LeeAnn Heinbaugh are Spiritual and should not be misconstrued as any other professional service.