Year End and New Year Ceremonies of Celbration

Wednesday, December 28, 2016 - 9:17am to Monday, January 2, 2017 - 9:17am

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Year End Gratitude & 
New Year Blessing Ceremonies


We invite you to join us for two ceremonies of celebration, care, and love! Our offerings and prayers are a beautiful gift to give to your self, a loved one, or your family. 

Rituals that honor the infinite cycles and seasons of life are at the heart of sacred Maya tradition. All of life is understood to continually create, die, and birth itself anew. All of these, including year end and year beginning, are celebrated and honored. This is the way that we feed life and are thus fed back.
On a global scale, we are amidst an era of great change that is recounted in the oral traditions and prophecies of Indigenous traditions throughout the Americas and beyond. This is a time that the Maya foretold of as Oxlajuj Baktun, a new era in which we were advised that we would be called to remember the sacred as being central to life, a time of profound calling to find balance for ourselves, future generations, and our great and abundant Mother Earth. This is a powerful, difficult, and beautiful calling.
The truths of this ancient prophecy (most commonly known as the 2012 Prophecy) can be seen in many ways in our present world – in our environmental struggles, ongoing wars, financial insecurity, and our overall reality as human beings striving to find and sustain balance in our world. Amidst this, many groups of people are beautifully coming together to answer this very real sacred call, including many of the Indigenous whose ancient prophecies foretold of this time.
It is from the heart of these prophetic truths of change, struggle, and new eras of balance and peace that we will offer our ceremonies. This global prayer is our garden into which we will plant and sow the seeds of your personal petitions. In this way we create and share in sacred community. 


We will do our first ritual on December 28, 2016, the Maya Calendar day of Q’Anil (seeds). In this ceremony we will honor and celebrate all that has been planted, all that has been left behind in the yearlong seasons of change and all that we ask to continue to grow in 2017.
Our second ceremony will be on January 2, 2017, the Maya Calendar day of Aj, a day of corn, seeding, home, abundance and the spinal column (the growing tree of life). In this ceremony we will ask for the grounded stability of life, the happiness of home, and the new growing gardens of life in all ways for the coming year. 

Your petition:

Your petition is whatever your heart knows it to be. It may be of gratitude, healing, grief, guidance, growing, or simply your own care. In a Word Document, please include: your one-sentence petition, individual photo, full legal name, birth date, and physical address. Registration deadline is December 26, 2016.

What you will receive:

You will each receive written information about the Maya Calendar days, the ceremonial locations, other traditional Maya stories of these rituals, and a post-narrative of the ceremonies. I will also be sending you lots of lovely photos so you can more fully experience the ceremony. Please note that this feedback will be general for the group and not include individual feedback. If you wish to have more in-depth individual ceremony, please contact me.


$45 per person / family  for both ceremonies
Registration and Payment:
Email me at
Payment online at

AND.... If you're planning for some soulful adventures in the New Year of 2017 come visit us and enjoy the wonders, art, and Maya traditions of Guatemala!

As always, our wonderfully sacred and fun crew of shamans, musicians, artists, storytellers, and I are available for private Retreats in Guatemala. If you or a small group are interested in exploring the wonders of the Maya Traditions and deepening your own spiritual journey, we will happily create a custom retreat for you. For additional info, please visit:

Love & Blessings to all. 


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